Michaella (she/her/hers) is a passionate advocate for queer autonomy and wellness. She regularly writes and speaks about LGBTQ+ issues, hoping to encourage and empower other queer and bisexual folks. She aims to act with empathy, promote accessibility, and center marginalized experiences through all she does. 

Michaella earned her B.A. in Human Rights Studies from Trinity College in 2018. At Trinity, she completed a thesis considering the benefits of LGBTQ+ specific transitional living programs for queer and homeless youth. After graduating, Michaella worked for two years providing grantmaking support to foundations with focus areas including gender equity, reproductive health, and homelessness. Now, she is a senior executive assistant working on health issues for the City of Boston.

*Michaella is not a mental health professional, although she draws extensively from personal experience as a queer and bisexual woman with mental illness. All views expressed on this website belong to Michaella alone and do not reflect the views of any organizations she works for/with.