Why I Created A Bisexual & a Blog


The mission of A Bisexual & a Blog is to promote self-care which expands outwards into care for other queer & marginalized people.

This space is meant to welcome and affirm people of all identities, especially bi and queer-identifying people. I want to encourage young queer people to prioritize their self-healing. Mental health & wellness are structural issues, directly influenced by our marginalization as queer people. Caring for yourself is an important way to resist these structures.

I want to promote accountability & education as part of self-care. Self-care without self-awareness is useless. We all have unlearning to do, and we need to be aware of how we all uphold violent structures.

I want to promote care within the queer community & for all marginalized people. To help young people realize they are not powerless. We can build power by healing ourselves and contributing to the healing of our communities.

Published by Michaella Kendrick

Photographer, writer & advocate for the LGBTQ+/Bi+ communities.

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